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Making the jump from last place to sixth is impressive. HP made the leap by serving up a daring redesign of its flagship line of laptops, including the Omen 15 and the Omen 17 , complete with new proprietary software and a customizable keyboard.

The company also beefed up its portfolio by introducing premium and entry-level systems. However, HP will have to work on ensuring display quality across the board, particularly in budget lines like the Pavilion Power 15t , if it hopes to make another jump next year.

From laptops like the Aero 15 that look just as good in an office or a LAN party, to sleek flagships like the X9 that would give stealth bombers a run for their money, Gigabyte and its sub-brand Aorus have a lot to offer gamers.

But for all their thin bezels and colorful visages, both brands are held back by dim displays and weak audio, which won't cut it with gamers.

Origin PC retains its sixth place spot this year by sticking to what it does best: In addition to continuing its kitchen-sink approach to laptops, the company wasn't afraid to inject a little color into the situation with the EonX or to slim things down with the EVOS.

However, a lack of both gamer-friendly software and overall innovation prevented Origin PC from rising higher in the ranks. However, the company hasn't really been putting that know-how to use with its Dell-branded laptops, and that's why the company wound up in last place.

Plagued by lackluster displays, shallow keyboards and a lack of onboard gaming software, Dell budget gaming systems such as the Inspiron Gaming 15 are a far cry from their Alienware brethren.

However, with their fresh new designs and entry-to-premium specs, the company's new G-Series laptops, such as the G3 15 Gaming , are the light at the end of the tunnel that Dell needs to lift its position.

Despite delivering one of the best gaming laptops we reviewed this year, the Legion Y , Lenovo still finds itself on the bottom rung, because of the Y's lackluster performance.

By , however, Sega's new console , the Dreamcast , could produce 3D graphics on-par with the Sega Naomi arcade machine.

After producing the more powerful Hikaru board in and Naomi 2 in , Sega eventually stopped manufacturing custom arcade system boards, with their subsequent arcade boards being based on either consoles or commercial PC components.

As patronage of arcades declined, many were forced to close down. Classic coin-operated games have largely become the province of dedicated hobbyists and as a tertiary attraction for some businesses, such as movie theaters, batting cages , miniature golf courses, and arcades attached to game stores such as F.

The gap left by the old corner arcades was partly filled by large amusement centers dedicated to providing clean, safe environments and costly game control systems unavailable to home users.

These newer arcade titles offered games based on driving, sports like skiing or cycling, and rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution and path-based shooting gallery games like Time Crisis , which have taken a large part of the market.

Aimed at adults and older kids, they feature full service restaurants with full liquor bars and have a wide variety of video game and hands on electronic gaming options.

Cheese's is a similar type of business for younger children. In , Nintendo released the Game Boy , the first handheld game console since the ill-fated Microvision ten years before.

Included with the system was Tetris , which became one of the best sold video games of all time and was ported to a large variety of systems.

Although these systems were more technologically advanced, they were hampered by higher battery consumption and less third-party developer support.

While some of the other systems remained in production until the mids, the Game Boy , and its successive incarnations the Game Boy Pocket , Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance , would be virtually unchallenged for dominance in the handheld market, until the PlayStation Portable was released in to compete with Nintendo's successor to the Game Boy line, the Nintendo DS.

The increasing computing power and decreasing cost of processors such as the Intel , Intel , and Motorola , caused the rise of 3D graphics , and multimedia abilities through sound cards and CD-ROMs.

Early 3D games began with flat shading graphics Elite , Starglider 2 or Alpha Waves , [45] and then simple forms of texture mapping.

Before the end of the decade, the evolution of the genre continued through graphical MUDs into the first massively multiplayer online role-playing games MMORPGs , which freed users from the limited number of simultaneous players in other games and brought persistent worlds to the mass market.

In the early s, shareware distribution was a popular method of publishing games for smaller developers, including then-fledgling companies such as Apogee now 3D Realms , Epic MegaGames now Epic Games , and id Software.

Since the shareware versions were essentially free, the cost only needed to cover the disk and minimal packaging. As the increasing size of games in the mids made them impractical to fit on floppies, and retail publishers and developers began to earnestly mimic the practice, shareware games were replaced by shorter game demos often only one or two levels , distributed free on CDs with gaming magazines and over the Internet.

Real-time strategy became a popular genre of computer games in the early 90s, with Dune II setting the standard game mechanics of many games since.

Meanwhile, Alone in the Dark influenced the survival-horror genre with its action-adventure elements. It established the formula that would later flourish on CD-ROM—based consoles, with games such as Resident Evil , which coined the name "survival horror" and popularized the genre, and Silent Hill.

Graphic adventure games continued to evolve during this period, with the creation of the point-and-click genre. Some of the genre's most prolific titles were being produced by Sierra Entertainment and LucasArts during the 90s, and Myst and its sequels inspired a new style of puzzle-based adventure games.

It was in the s that Maxis began publishing its successful line of "Sim" games , starting with SimCity , and continuing with a variety of titles, such as SimEarth , SimCity , and eventually The Sims , which was first released in early In , 3dfx Interactive released the Voodoo chipset, leading to the first affordable 3D accelerator cards for personal computers.

These devoted 3D rendering daughterboards performed a portion of the computations and memory-handling required for more-detailed three-dimensional graphics mainly texture filtering , allowing for more-detailed graphics than would be possible if the CPU were required to handle both game logic and all the graphical tasks.

First-person shooters FPS were among the first to take advantage of this new technology. While other games would also make use of it, the FPS would become the main driving force behind the development of new 3D hardware, and the yardstick by which its performance would be measured, usually quantified as the number of frames per second rendered for a given scene in a given game.

Several other less mainstream genres were created in this decade. Looking Glass Studios ' Thief: The Dark Project and its sequel were the first to coin the term "first person sneaker," [46] and the turn-based strategy progressed further, with the Heroes of Might and Magic series popularizing the thus far niche and complex genre.

Internet multiplayer ability became a de facto requirement in most FPS games since. Other genres also began to offer online play in the late 90s, including real-time strategy games as Age of Empires , the Warcraft and StarCraft series, and turn-based games such as Heroes of Might and Magic.

Developments in web browser plug-ins like Java and Adobe Flash allowed for simple browser-based games. In , Atari re-entered the home console market with the introduction of the Atari Jaguar.

Also in , The 3DO Company released the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer , which, though highly advertised and promoted, failed to catch up to the sales of the Jaguar, due to its high pricetag.

Both consoles had very low sales and few quality games, eventually leading to their demise. In , three new consoles were released in Japan: The PlayStation quickly outsold all of its competitors mainly on the strength of its available titles, with the exception of the aging Super Nintendo Entertainment System , which still had the support of many major game companies.

The Virtual Boy from Nintendo was released in as one of the first consumer consoles providing 3D depth perception, but did not achieve high sales, largely due to the monochrome display and the lack of third-party support.

In the Virtual Boy was taken off the market. After many delays, during which Sony's PlayStation gained industry acceptance, Nintendo released its bit console, the Nintendo 64 in The console's flagship title, Super Mario 64 , became a defining title for 3D platformer games.

Subsequent music and dance games like beatmania and Dance Dance Revolution became ubiquitous attractions in Japanese arcades. While Parappa , DDR , and other games found a cult following when brought to North America, music games would not gain a wide audience in the market until the next decade with titles like Guitar Hero.

Also in Capcom released Resident Evil , the first well known survival horror game. It was a huge success selling over 2 million copies and is considered one of the best games on the PlayStation.

Other milestone games of the era include Rare 's Nintendo 64 title GoldenEye , which was critically acclaimed for bringing innovation as being the first major first-person shooter that was exclusive to a console, and for pioneering certain features that became staples of the genre, such as scopes, headshots, and objective-based missions.

Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64 is one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time , and is still the highest ranked game across all platforms on video game aggregator Metacritic.

The title also featured many innovations such as Z-targeting , which has persisted through subsequent Zelda titles on newer consoles and is commonly used in many other franchises today.

Nintendo's choice to continue using ROM cartridges instead of moving to CD-ROMs for the Nintendo 64, unique among the consoles of this period, proved to have negative consequences for the console and for Nintendo's market share.

While cartridges had faster access times, were more durable and resistant to unlicensed copying, CDs could hold far more data MB, over ten times the capacity of the largest N64 ROM at 64MB and cost far less to produce, causing many game companies to turn to Nintendo's CD-based competitors.

Notably, Square , which had released all prior games in its Final Fantasy series for Nintendo consoles, now turned exclusively to the PlayStation; Final Fantasy VII was a massive success, establishing the popularity of role-playing video games in the west and making the PlayStation the primary console for the genre, taking the crown from Nintendo who had enjoyed it with the SNES and Square's then Nintendo-exclusive Final Fantasy , Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger titles.

Capcom also largely departed from Nintendo during the N64 days; the next 4 installments of its popular Mega Man 2D platform shooter were released on PlayStation and Saturn.

Capcom was somewhat quicker and more eager to return than Square, however, providing two anthologies of Mega Man titles for the GameCube , including Mega Man 8 and Mega Man X that Nintendo players had missed.

By the end of this period, Sony had become the leader in the video game market. The Saturn was moderately successful in Japan but a commercial failure in North America and Europe, leaving Sega outside of the main competition.

The N64 achieved huge success in North America and Europe, though it never surpassed PlayStation's sales or was as popular in Japan, and began to show a decline in third-party support for Nintendo's home consoles.

This generation ended with the discontinuation of the PlayStation known in its re-engineered form as the "PSOne" in March The fifth generation is most noted for the rise of fully 3D games.

While there were games prior that had used three dimensional environments, such as Virtua Racing and Star Fox , it was in this era that many game designers began to move traditionally 2D and pseudo-3D genres into full 3D.

Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Their 3D environments were widely marketed, and they steered the industry's focus away from side-scrolling and rail-style titles, and opened doors to more complex games and genres.

The N64 was the last major home console to use the cartridge format, although it persists to this day in handheld games on Nintendo and Sony devices using memory cards similar to Secure Digital SD cards.

Mobile phones began becoming video gaming platforms when Nokia installed Snake onto its line of mobile phones in Nokia Mobile phone games early on were limited by the modest size of the phone screens that were all monochrome, the very limited amount of memory and processing power on phones, and the drain on the battery.

The s decade showed innovation on both consoles and PCs, and an increasingly competitive market for portable game systems.

The phenomena of user-created modifications or "mods" for games, one trend that began during the Wolfenstein 3D and Doom -era, continued into the start of the 21st century.

The most famous example is that of Counter-Strike ; released in , it is still one of the most popular online first-person shooter, even though it was created as a mod for Half-Life by two independent programmers.

Eventually, game designers realized the potential of mods and custom content in general to enhance the value of their games, and so began to encourage its creation.

Some examples of this include Unreal Tournament , which allowed players to import 3dsmax scenes to use as character models, and Maxis ' The Sims , for which players could create custom objects.

In China, video game consoles were banned in June This has led to an explosion in the popularity of computer games, especially MMOs.

Consoles and the games for them are easily acquired however, as there is a robust grey market importing and distributing them across the country.

Another side effect of this law has been increased copyright infringement of video games. In the sixth generation of video game consoles, Sega exited the hardware market, Nintendo fell behind, Sony solidified its lead in the industry, and Microsoft developed their first gaming console.

The generation opened with the launch of the Sega Dreamcast in As the first console with a built-in modem for Internet support and online play, it was initially successful, but sales and popularity would start to fall.

This has been attributed to Sega's damaged reputation from the relative failures of the 32X and Saturn, copyright infringement, and the huge anticipation for the upcoming PlayStation 2.

The Dreamcast's library contains many titles considered creative and innovative, including the Shenmue series which are regarded as a major step forward for 3D open-world gameplay [50] and has introduced the quick time event mechanic in its modern form.

The console was highly successful during the generation. Nintendo followed a year later with the GameCube code-named "Dolphin" while in development , the company's first optical disc-based console.

While it had the component-video ability of its contemporaries, the GameCube suffered in several ways compared to Sony's PS2. First, the PS2's high anticipation and one-year head start gained it player and developer attention before the GCN's release.

As a result, the GameCube had less third-party backing and very few third-party exclusives, mostly from Nintendo-faithful studios such as Rare and the now-defunct Midway Games.

Cross-platform giants like Capcom , Electronic Arts and Activision released most of their GameCube titles on other consoles as well, while Square Enix released high-demand PS2 exclusives.

The GCN's game disc capacity was a third that of the PS2's full-size DVD disks, forcing a few games to be released on multiple discs and most titles to compromise on texture quality and other features of GameCube games, when other platforms had no such limitations on their versions.

It had no backward compatibility with the now-obsolete cartridges of the N It was a dedicated game console, with the optical drive being too small to hold a full-size CD or DVD.

Lastly, The GameCube was hindered by a reputation for being a "kid's console", due to its initial launch color scheme and lack of mature-content games which the current market appeared to want.

Before the end of , Microsoft Corporation, best known for its Windows operating system and its professional productivity software, entered the console market with the Xbox.

To gain market share and maintain its toehold in the market, Microsoft reportedly sold the Xbox at a significant loss [52] and concentrated on drawing profit from game developing and publishing.

Shortly after its release in November Bungie Studio's Halo: Combat Evolved instantly became the driving point of the Xbox's success, and the Halo series would go on to become one of the most successful console shooter franchises of all time.

By the end of the generation, the Xbox had drawn even with the Nintendo GameCube in sales globally, but since nearly all of its sales were in North America, it pushed Nintendo into third place in the American market.

It was very successful both critically and commercially and is considered a huge milestone in gaming. It was also yet another set piece in the debate over video game violence and adult content, with advocacy groups decrying the series' glorification of prostitution, the mafia, and violence, including that against first responders such as police and EMS.

Nintendo still dominated the handheld gaming market during this period. Finnish cellphone maker Nokia entered the handheld scene with the N-Gage , but it failed to win a significant following.

In January , Sony announced that the PlayStation 2 had been discontinued worldwide, ending the sixth generation.

One significant feature of this generation was various manufacturers' renewed fondness for add-on peripheral controllers. While alternative controllers weren't new Nintendo supported several for the NES and PC games have long supported driving wheels and aircraft joysticks , console games built around them became some of the biggest hits of the decade.

Konami sold a soft-plastic mat version of its foot controls for its Dance Dance Revolution franchise in Sega came out with Samba de Amigo 's maraca controllers.

Nintendo's bongo controller worked with a few games in its Donkey Kong franchise. Meanwhile, Sony developed the EyeToy peripheral, a camera that could detect player movement, for the PlayStation 2.

This would further be developed into whole-body tracking technologies such as Sony's PlayStation Move and Microsoft's Kinect. As affordable broadband Internet connectivity spread, many publishers turned to online gaming as a way of innovating.

Historically, console-based MMORPGs have been few in number due to the lack of bundled Internet connectivity options for the platforms.

This made it hard to establish a large enough subscription community to justify the development costs. Every major platform released since the Dreamcast has either been bundled with the ability to support an Internet connection or has had the option available as an aftermarket add-on.

Microsoft's Xbox also had its own online gaming service called Xbox Live. Xbox Live was a huge success and proved to be a driving force for the Xbox with games like Halo 2 that were highly popular.

In the early s decade , mobile games had gained mainstream popularity in Japanese mobile phone culture , years before the United States or Europe.

By , a wide variety of mobile games were available on Japanese phones, ranging from puzzle games and virtual pet titles that use camera phone and fingerprint scanner technologies to 3D games with PlayStation -quality graphics.

Older arcade-style games became very popular on mobile phones, which were an ideal platform for arcade-style games designed for shorter play sessions.

Namco began making attempts to introduce mobile gaming culture to Europe in Mobile gaming interest was raised when Nokia launched its N-Gage phone and handheld gaming platform in While about two million handsets were sold, the product line wasn't seen as a success and was withdrawn from Nokia's lineup.

Meanwhile, many game developers had noticed that more advanced phones had color screens and enough memory and processing power to do reasonable gaming.

Mobile phone gaming revenues passed 1 billion dollars in , and passed 5 billion dollars in , accounting for a quarter of all videogaming software revenues.

More advanced phones came to the market such as the N-Series smartphone by Nokia in and the iPhone by Apple in which strongly added to the appeal of mobile phone gaming.

In Nokia didn't revise the N-Gage brand, but published a software library of games to its top-end phones. At Apple's App Store in , more than half of all applications sold were iPhone games.

Due to the debut of app stores created by Apple and Google , plus the low-cost retail price of downloadable phone apps, games available on smartphones increasingly rival the video game console market.

Among the most successful mobile games of this period is Angry Birds , which, released in , reached 2 million downloads within one year.

Since , the fast growing mobile market in African countries such as Nigeria and Kenya has also resulted in a growth in mobile game development.

Local developers have taken advantage of the recent increase in mobile internet connection in countries where broadband is rarely available and console games are costly, though locally developed applications have difficulty competing against millions of western applications available on the Google Play Store [58] [59] [60].

While the PSP boasted superior graphics and power, following a trend established since the mids, Nintendo gambled on a lower-power design but featuring a novel control interface.

The DS's two screens proved extremely popular with consumers, especially young children and middle-aged gamers, who were drawn to the device by Nintendo's Nintendogs and Brain Age series respectively.

The PSP attracted a significant portion of veteran gamers in North America and was very popular in Japan, though a large portion of its visual novels and anime -based games have never been localized in the west.

This combined allowed Nintendo to continue its dominance in handheld gaming. Nokia withdrew their N-Gage platform in but reintroduced the brand as a game-oriented service for high-end smartphones on April 3, In console gaming, Microsoft stepped forward first in November with the Xbox , and Sony followed in with the PlayStation 3 , released in Europe in March Setting the technology standard for the generation, both featured high-definition graphics over HDMI connections, large hard disk-based secondary storage for save games and downloaded content, integrated networking, and a companion on-line gameplay and sales platform, with Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network respectively.

Both were formidable systems that were the first to challenge personal computers in power at launch , while offering a relatively modest price compared to them.

However, the slim model and the PlayStation Move controllers caused a massive recovery for PlayStation 3, and the console would soon outsell Xbox by In this generation, Nintendo not only secured its dominance in the handheld video game market, but also successfully regained total dominance on both the home video game market and the entire video game industry with the release of its home console, the Wii.

Nintendo took cues from PC gaming and their crafted games that capitalized on the intuitive nature of motion control. Emphasis on gameplay turned comparatively simple games into unlikely runaway hits, such as Wii Sports , Wii Sports Resort , and Wii Fit.

Many gamers, publishers, and analysts initially dismissed the Wii as an underpowered curiosity, but were surprised as the console sold out through the Christmas season, and remained so through the next 18 months, becoming the fastest selling game console in most of the world's gaming markets.

As of September , the Wii has sold The PSP Go was a newer, slimmer version of the PSP, which had the control pad slide from the base, where its screen covers most of the front side.

With high-definition video an undeniable hit with veteran gamers seeking immersive experiences, expectations for visuals in games along with the increasing complexity of productions resulted in a spike in the development budgets of gaming companies.

While some game studios saw their Xbox projects pay off, the unexpected weakness of PS3 sales resulted in heavy losses for a few developers, and many publishers broke formerly arranged PS3 exclusivity arrangements or cancelled PS3 game projects entirely due to rising budgets.

Starting with PCs, a new trend in casual games , with limited complexity and designed for shortened or impromptu play sessions, began to draw attention from the industry.

Many were puzzle games, such as Popcap's Bejeweled and PlayFirst 's Diner Dash , while others were games with a more relaxed pace and open-ended play.

The biggest hit was The Sims by Maxis , which went on to become the best selling computer game of all time, surpassing Myst. In , social network games began gaining mainstream popularity following the release of Happy Farm in China.

In , a few cloud computing services were announced targeted at video games. These services allow the graphics rendering of the video games to be done away from the end user, and a video stream of the game to be passed to the user.

OnLive allows the user to communicate with their servers where the video game rendering is taking place. The new decade has seen rising interest in the possibility of next generation consoles being developed in keeping with the traditional industry model of a five-year console life cycle.

However, in the industry there is believed to be a lack of desire for another race to produce such a console. Microsoft made the unit smaller and quieter, while also installing a GB hard drive and built-in The Onlive cloud-based gaming system would be one of the first cloud gaming systems known in video game history.

Released in Japan in February , it was released worldwide less than a month later. It uses autostereoscopic 3D to produce a 3D effect on-screen.

It has a 5-inch OLED multi touch front screen and a rear touch pad, two analog sticks, 3G and WiFi connection, Sixaxis control and 3-axis electronic compass.

The Wii U is a video game console from Nintendo. Billed as the successor to the Wii , it was mentioned in statement released by Nintendo on April 25, , that the company was planning to reveal it during E3 and that playable console units would be present as well.

The console released in North America on November 18, and in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on November 30, , officially starting the "eighth generation" of video game consoles.

Most peripheral hardware from its predecessor, the Wii, such as the Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuk , Classic Controller and Wii Balance Board are confirmed to work with the new console, and the console is backward compatible with all Wii and Virtual Console titles.

The Wii U discontinues backward-compatibility support for GameCube discs and controllers, which also means that Wii games that support the GameCube's controller will instead require use of an alternate control scheme such as the Classic Controller when playing them on the Wii U.

The Wii U also has its own more conventional controller, the Wii U Pro Controller , which resembles an Xbox controller in form and function and is compatible with most Wii U and Virtual Console titles, but not original Wii games.

The console is available in two sets. The Deluxe set includes all of the items in the basic set, but it has 32 GB of internal memory instead of only 8 GB and is bundled with a GamePad charging cradle, stands for the GamePad and the console, as well as Nintendo Land.

Billed as the successor to the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4 was officially announced at a press conference on February 20, The fourth home console in Sony's PlayStation series, it was launched on November 15, in North America and on November 29, in Europe, and was launched on February 22, in Japan.

Moving away from the Cell architecture, the PlayStation 4 is the first in the Sony series to feature compatibility with the x86 architecture, specifically x, which is a widely used platform common in many modern PCs.

The idea is to make video game development easier on the next-generation console, attracting a broader range of developers large and small.

These changes highlight Sony's effort to improve upon the lessons learned during the development, production and release of the PS3. The Xbox One is a video game console from Microsoft.

Billed as the successor to the Xbox , the Xbox One was officially announced at a press conference on May 21, Microsoft had intended to implement strict controls over game resale and DRM controls, but later reversed its decision due to public backlash.

The Wii U was met with slow consumer adoption , with low sales primarily credited to a weak lineup of launch titles , [88] third-party support, [89] and marketing reasons.

Nintendo Switch games and software are available on both physical flash -based ROM cartridges and digital distribution via Nintendo eShop ; the system does not use region locking.

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Golden age of arcade video games. They're powerful enough to play modern games between 30 and 60fps, but the experience really depends on the title.

With the GTX , you can expect more solid performance at p. That's particularly useful for the wave of laptops this year that have high-refresh-rate Hz and Hz panels.

More on that below. You'll see a slight bump beyond the standard HD resolution, and you'll have enough horsepower for higher graphics settings.

Just don't try to play complex games in 4K natively -- that's what the GTX is for. With the Zephyrus, I was able to play Hitman at 45fps and The Witcher at around 35fps in 4K, which is simply astounding for a thin 4.

You'll find the GTX on plenty of bulkier gaming laptops and large inch machines. Outside of the Zephyrus, you won't find it on many inch machines, though.

It's likely too much of an engineering hassle to cram it into smaller cases. And what of AMD? You can also find Vega graphics integrated with Ryzen laptop processors, though it's not nearly as powerful as the GTX There are a handful of notebooks out there with Intel and AMD's new collaboration, the Core processor with RX Vega M graphics , which should be fast enough for decent p gaming.

Thankfully, choosing a CPU is a lot less complex. For the most part, you'll see Intel's eighth-generation H-series processor in gaming notebooks today, which will offer solid gaming performance across the board.

That family of chips is more powerful than the U-series, which are meant for less demanding ultraportable notebooks.

Just make sure you're getting an eighth-gen Intel processor if you want the best of the best. You might run into older stock equipped with the seventh-gen processors.

They're still very capable, and worth considering if you're getting a great deal. You could call They're large enough to give you a nice view of the action but small enough to make laptops portable.

But, just as with any PC, you have a few options. If you prefer a smaller screen, you can take a look at and inch options, like the Alienware 13 and last year's Razer Blade Just pay close attention to how much they weigh: The Alienware 13 currently clocks in at 5.

And if you want to go all out, take a look at inch notebooks. They're tougher to travel with, but far more immersive once you start gaming and can pack in more powerful hardware.

Choosing the right screen resolution and refresh rate is also important, since that's directly tied to your gaming performance. At this point, you'll want a p screen.

Ago Gaming Video vs AGO Gaming [cały mecz!] - Mountain Dew League - ESEA Premier 26 - Inferno - BO1

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